In the next three decades, key societal and fiscal changes will affect the economies and demographics of our nations.  A large and ever-increasing pool of retirees will burden relatively diminished workforces, slowing the pace of growth and straining public as well as private finances. But the future is nonetheless brighter than the media would have you believe. Many sources of relief are available, most of which will create exciting opportunities during these coming thirty years, even as they force radical change, such as:

  • The increasing participation of women in the workplace
  • Generally longer working lives
  • Changes in not just what economies produce but how they produce
  • Increasingly flexible labor-management relations

Though the aging trend is often described in the most dour of terms, Thirty Tomorrows proves that the changes it brings will offer exciting prospects and expanded opportunities. America has the capability to lead the globe in these changes, and embrace the forthcoming paradigm shift. Thirty Tomorrows demonstrates clearly and engagingly how with considerable imagination, effort, and flexibility from government, business, and the general population these efforts will yield great rewards.